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Pope Francis cleared his schedule Friday after knee pain flared up again and required medical checks, the Vatican said.

“The pope has slowed down his activities today due to medical checks that were necessary today. That’s why the agenda is empty today,” spokesman Matteo Bruni told reporters.

One event canceled was a scheduled meeting with Argentina’s foreign minister, Santiago Cafiero.

The pain in his right knee kept Francis, 85, from presiding over Ash Wednesday events and also kept him from presiding over some Easter weekend events at Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Francis delivered his Easter Sunday speech while sitting.

Overall, the Pope is considered to be in good health, though in 2013 he underwent surgery for an inflamed colon, and he also reportedly suffers from sciatica, which causes lower back and leg pain.

Earlier this month, Francis called the knee pain “a little annoying but it’s getting better.”

Some information in this report came from Agence France-Presse and Reuters.

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